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Save over 10 hours a week in social media marketing…

Hi there, over the past few months, the Woofy team has been hard at work building the next generation of a digital marketing platform to support time crunched and ambitious small businesses around the world. Our mission was simple, how do we use complex data science and package it in a visually driven interface that anyone could understand when it came to launching powerful marketing campaigns on social media. We’re just a few weeks away from releasing that platform just for you…



What does Woofy do?

We’ve been exactly where you are as a marketing agency founder or small businesses owner so we understand, we really want to help you win. How do we do that? That’s the secret sauce but we will tell ya anyways (see below).

  • Generate relevant hashtags (from URLs, images etc)
  • Suggest quotes fromΒ articles
  • Complete sentences and words when typing
  • Find images that go well with your content, the words used within the articlesΒ and hashtags you enter
  • Visually see posts and level of business in your calendar by color
  • Colorblindness support for creatives
  • Automatically check for content that is duplicated or too similar when posting to twitter
  • One click to swap words with synonyms
  • Access popular platforms such as Instagram, facebook, twitter and linked in (up to 25 accounts)
  • Find content from 45+ leading publications from around the world…one click add to library, one click schedule post!
  • Drag and drop to edit posts or entire campaign schedules
  • Invite team members (and clients) to view campaigns, calendars and library of content
  • Create stunning graphics then import directly into the platform using tools such as Crello, DesignBold (and coming up next, Canva)

How does Woofy stack up against other platforms?

Woofy vs. Hootsuite vs. Buffer vs. MeetEdgar

Woofy vs. Hootsuite vs. Buffer vs. MeetEdgar

Magical, yet real. Woofy analyzes website or blog content, graphics, etc. and automates text, hashtags, and scheduling, turning what would take hours of gruntwork into powerful social media content marketing campaigns. Transform how you connect with the world. Get your marketing A game on in seconds.

So what are you waiting for? Click below to grab your seat!



Have a look at our in-depth tour of the Woofy Platform

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About HelloWoofy.com

HelloWoofy.com / Woofy.ai is a data science driven social media marketing platform designed to help small businesses and marketers globally compete in today’s digital world with the power of data. Woofy’s powerful artificial intelligence and machine learning engines serve as the foundation for its effective and efficient social media management dashboard. Powered by Woofy.ai, a visual search engine for finding the most engaging emojis, words, images, and hashtags for social media posts, the innovative platform inspires compliant content creation, facilitates social media post creation, and eases bulk campaign scheduling with voice-assisted technology. Founded by 4x entrepreneur, Arjun Rai, the company is based at the heart of advertising and marketing industry in New York City with a globally based team.Β 

Learn more at hellowoofy.com, join the Content Masters facebook group or email us with a hello/question/comment at fetch@hellwoofy.com.