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Analytics that are as powerful as they are beautiful.

Get visual insights into exactly how you are performing as a brand, and see actionable metrics on how to improve. With 1 click export you can send clients either a PDF or a link to the live analytics that update in real time.


Planning Your Schedule

Plan your campaigns by adding new and exciting content to your library. Take content straight from the discover section, RSS feeds, or upload your own.


Human Level Intelligence

Woofy looks at when your followers are most active as well as your industry on each social media account. This ensures that you're always posting at the best time to reach your audience.


Discover Content and
Publish like a pro!

Discover handpicked content just for you. Through Woofy's discovery section, you can find content that has been selected based on your industry, your followers, what's trending and your past performance.


team collaboration

Working with your colleagues on marketing projects just got easier. Grant access to projects, creative assets, content schedules and much more. 


invite clients (edit, view etc.)

Show off your marketing prowess by inviting clients to view (even edit) marketing campaigns with content, creative assets and approve or reject posts before executing schedules. 


real time feedback

Analytics for each marketing campaign makes real time decisions easier. See how your team is performing on individual campaigns or holistically overall. 


delegate tasks/marketing projects

Get the project done by delegating tasks to individuals on your team from creating content to generating strategies to analyzing the visualized data and much more. Launch the best marketing campaigns with your whole team by your side!


Manage your growth

Woofy will always keep you in the know on how your engagement, traffic and growth is doing. 


Target your audience

Knowing your audience is half the battle. Woofy helps you identify and target your following.


Smart Campaign 

With a smart campaign, all you have to do is set your goal, pick your content and tell Woofy how long your campaign(s) should run. Woofy’s backend will then choose what times, dates, accounts, trending hashtags, and even images to ensure the best engagement for your company. Woofy's artificial intelligence handles all the grunt work giving you the freedom to focus on your


Optimized  Schedules

Woofy helps you find out how to take control of your brand's digital identity while maximizing your engagement.


Social listening made simple.

See exactly who is talking about your brand and where they are. This allows you to target by location and demographic, push content to key audiences, and deal with any negative press that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.


What makes Woofy the right choice for your business?

Visual Interface


Actionable Analytics


Real Results


“Using the Woofy app, we managed to turn our intimate 300 person event into a Twitter trending topic. Those are some incredible results; I literally did not believe it until I saw it. But wow, they did it.”
— Sunir Shah, President, Cloud Software Association


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Unlimited Content

Social Listening

Discover Section

Color Pallate Analysis

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Premium Benefits

+Social Listening + CRM

+Automatic Hashtags

+Time Schedule Optimization 

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